Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Hey everyone. I'm so sorry that I've failed my loving fans (once again) but I'm back! And thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your comments! I read every single one of them, and appreciated about 80% of them. Don't get me started on those others...
I realized today that it's been over nine months since my last post. For most of you whom I know, a lot has been changing this year for us as freshmen. I'm sure lots has been changing for the rest of you, whom I've never formally met. And I know, know, know that A LOT has been changing for me. So OCD girls, hold your horses, I'm going to back up. Here's what's been up with me in the last nine months:
Zach and I still talk, if you can believe it! It's been over a year now since St. Barts... I can't believe it. I never ended up visiting him in Jersey this school year... I'm considering doing it later this month or in May under the pretext of wanting to visit colleges in that area. We talk on the phone at least once a week, and it's truly making me realize how much I miss him :(. You know what they say about fate though. And as an Alpha, I can never let myself get too down in the dumps (or bored!) so I've been keeping myself plenty busy. In September I started dating Alex, which was nice. He's sweet, compassionate, and completely devoted to me. It was what I needed to get back on my feet after the full realization of my inability to have a REAL relationship with Zach sunk in. But you know me, I need some spice in my life, and unfortunately Alex just made it too easy for me to get my way and have whatever I wanted. So that's done.
Many of you also know about my brief fling with a certain senior-- Nick. For those of you who don't know him, he's a comedian (he goes to those stand-up comedy shows and everything) and he's truly an interesting guy. No, we never officially dated, but I guess you could say we got to know each other fairly well in spite of it ;).
The girls in TPC are all doing very well indeed. And needless to say, when we get back to OCD from Spring Break, all of us will be looking BETTER THAN EVER (with the exception of Dylan, maybe... sorry, hun, we know how easy it is for you gingers to get burnt!) I know that I have a FAH-BU-LOUS tan, and during my last two days here in Puerto Vallarta I'm going to do everything to ensure that I look presentable on Monday. Tomorrow I'm getting the 80 minute therapeutic massage, the oxygen facial (followed by the deep cleaning facial, to get all of that Suncscreen out of my pores for good), a mani/pedi and maybe a trim.
I don't have anything drastic to report, but I wanted to let you all know that I'm back! If you have any requests for topics you'd like to hear about, just let me know. As you can see, I've already updated the Current State of the Union. Love you all!


Saturday, June 21, 2008


I know I have only been posting very infrequently... it's my bad, and I apologize. But as you may expect, TPC has been having a very busy summer! Not to say that it hasn't been fun, though. In fact, it's been ah-mazing!!
So what we've been up to... well five or so days ago we went to my house in Jersey, it's right on the beach! So fun. As you may have guessed, I saw my super ca-yoot crush from back in St. Barts. We hung out and had a good time. That's all I'm gonna say though. I guess I don't kiss and tell ;).
So here's what we did in Jersey:
1.) Went to D'amico & Sons for lunch as soon as we got there. I got the turkey club, my favorite sandwich ever!
2.) We got to my house, and we set up our cosmetics in the bathrooms. Inez unpacked the rest of our clothes for us! And best part of all, there are enough beds in my private suite for all of us!
3.) We headed out to the beach, armed with tanning oil, the latest Us Weekly, and our new favorite beach-read "Manny". (Highly recommended!)
4.) Dad took us out on the boat, and we did some tubing! So fun! Until he started going too fast, then we got some scrapes on our elbows... Ouch!
5.) We went to the Aveda Salon Marquee and got mani's, pedi's, full algae facials, and a deep moisture treatments for our hair. (Leesh tried out some eyelash extensions, and so far they're great! I'll probably have to try them out soon).
6.) Met up with my cutie...
To find out what we did the next couple of days, just read those 6 steps again and again. Our days were predictable, but so much fun!
As for today, after sleeping in until 10:00, I had a quick private lesson with Matt, my favorite tennis cutie! After that, I showered, threw on my new Ed Hardy tee, my short true religion shorts, and my new Fendi jelly flats. Yeah, it's casual, but I was going shopping. There's nothing that bugs me more then taking forever in a dressing room because I took the time to get dressed up. I did a little damage, you might say ;). But I got the most adorable black satin Juicy bag (it's really big, like a messenger, and the strap is like a seatbelt! It's my new official traveling bag!)
I hit Anthropologie and basically bought the store out! I love their boho cool trends.
TPC will be here in a bit, and we're probably going to drive out to Soho to check out that new store I read about in Nylon in the latest issue (I can't remember what it's called at the moment, but it was in the section about up and coming designers).
So I've officially gone through all of your comments! Most of them were really great! So thanks. And here's the best part.... are you ready?
I've gotten at least ten comments asking for an email address, so you guys can talk to me directly (for fashion advice, guy advice, whatever). So here it is!
I hope to hear from you, because I'm great at giving advice. I'll post more later, and add a current state of the union when I get around to it. Much love!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long time coming

I'm so sorry everyone, I know it's been absolutely for-EH-ver since my last post :(
It's really a funny story. And truth be told, even alphas mess up sometimes. Guess who totally forgot her password? No, no, I'm not that much of a space cadet, don't worry. Actually, I use the same password for everything, and forgot that for there needs to be a number in it. Sorry!
Alright, so upon signing in, guess what I realized...76 new comments waiting to be published! Do you guys think I have that kind of time? I read the first couple, and I have to hand it to you all, I really got a good laugh. First, some girl says, "I sent the link to Lisi and she is filing a lawsuit". Um, hi freak, that is a L-I-E lie on so many accounts!
1). First and foremost, my name is Massie Block. Alright? Alright. I am who I am, and if you're too insecure to accept that...leave.
2). Even if I was a poseur, what are her grounds for suing? That doesn't even make sense... and just to be absolutely certain, I cleared this up with Leesh's dad... cannot be done.
My absolute FAVORITE post though, was by this total WANNABE...listen to this, and I quote,
"Massie is 13.. DUH

You type sloppy

You spelled Neimins wrong.."

I laughed at all three of these comments, each was better than the last. Let me correct you, my challenged little stalker:
1). In the books, yes, I am 13. And you wanna know something? She makes a new book about every five or six months...meaning that for her to keep up with my aging, she would need to jump apart six months in each of her books. In order to keep you, the reader, not-confused, she chose to write the books in a timeline that makes sense to you... well theoretically anyway.
2). I type sloppy? So tell me, is "sloppy" being typed? No. You know absolutely nothing about grammar. In your sentence, "sloppy" would be the direct object. Let me spell this out for you. The direct object of a sentence receives the main verb. "Sloppy" is not being "typed". You need an adverb if you want to make any sense at all. The correct phrasing would be "you type sloppily". The irony of this really gets me!
3.) I spelled "Neimins" wrong huh? Well, check your source sweetie, because last I checked, it is called Nieman's...

So girls, once again, it would be absolutely wonderful if when you try to act "alpha", you at least give me something to work with. My work is cut out for me when you embarrass yourself like this.

Moving on... it's summertime! You all know by now that summer is my absolute Fay-vor-it season!! Here's a list of my to-do's.
1). Mani's/Pedi's. If you go to BOCD, you know what color I'll be going with.. OPI'S "Lincoln Park after Dark". It's the only color I'll use! It's purr-fect!
2). Tanning by the pool, every day! Followed by spa treatments in GLU with the girls! We can't have that nasty chlorine drying out our skin, can we?
3). Tennis lessons every day at the Block Estate courts. Mom got yummy Matt and Curtis from the Westchester Country Club to give me and TPC some private lessons! :D
4). Shopping. I am all over the totally Bohemian look that the Olsen twins go for. You can bet that come fall, my fashion will be better than ever!
5). Another item to add to your shopping list: rings! Lots and lots of rings! You're gonna want these on your thumbs, index fingers, and maybe pinkies. Only the cute, big ones though.
6). Visiting my cutie crush that I met in St. Barts... you all remember him, right? Well I made up a great excuse to go visit him at the end of summer... details on that later.

Mmm... on the subject of fashion and must-haves, I have absolutely fallen IN LOVE with the entire Kiehl's skincare line! You know I've always had a perfect complexion, but the algae mask and the Pineapple/Mango facial scrub are to die for! I'm also loving the Mango body lotion... yum! It's a subtle scent that's just enough to make you noticed, but not so potent that you seem overly flashy.
But for those night time parties, I have a new favorite perfume! Missoni Acqua perfume is amazing! It's like nothing you've ever smelled, but it's so fruity and yummy!

As for what we did today, TPC and I first went to the lake and flirted with some cuties... you know who you are ;) . Then we went to my pool, Inez cooked us a great lunch buffet with dee-lish cucumber sandwiches and organic French fries! We went to the Bliss spa and got sea-weed wraps (so nice, but I'm still not sure if I like smelling like a fish for 30 minutes!!) We came back to GLU, showered off, and put on some cute boho-summer dresses. I opted for a cute purple Lux dress with the buttons in front and tie-around waist ribbon and my favorite black Tory Burch gladiator sandals. We went and got manicures (check that off the list!) and then came back to my house and had a movie night in my theatre (don't you just ah-dore the British spelling so much more than ours?!)...we watched the Notebook. A classic! And speaking of great movies, let's talk about Sex and the City! That movie was fabulous! I'd like to hear your opinions on it.
That's all for now! I'm going to go read East of Eden and then go to sleep (I'll light my Florence Tocca votives first, of course! Mmmm...)
Goodnight, girls! Hope summer treats you well. I'll post again soon.
Really, I promise!
Love always,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Honestly guys. So many of you are acting puh-thetic. I'm completely unimpressed. Let me count the reasons...
1) Girls (again) commenting on my blogs and complaining about our "fakeness". First of all, how many times do I need to say that we are real people? If you don't believe it, get over it. But think of it this way. If we were fake, and you're taking the time to read our blogs, who's really the more pathetic one?
2) Rhymes with witches! Actually, there is only one in particular. You know who you are. The rest of you know who she is. She brags about her "wealth" (ahem, as Leesh pointed out earlier, if she was wealthy, there would be no use saying so). She is also a repeat offender of almost all of the fashion DON'Ts that I have posted. Tacky, bitchy, and fake all in one. We looked into it, and either you have bipolar disorder, or you are simply senile. One minute she posts "hey, it's so nice that you're back!" and the next "ugh...fakes". Pick one. And do us all a favor and don't come back here? BTW, saw your stories...totally ripping of Lisi much?

However, being the magnanimous person that I am, I must give credit where credit is deserved. There have been so many of you that have been leaving nice comments on the blog. They are always appreciated :). TPC loves that kind of feedback. For those of you who choose not to be so friendly...your comments will no longer be enabled. Sorry.

Anyway, it's so nice to be home with Bean. It's not as cold here as I expected it to be (around 45ish?) and that is a ha-yooj improvement from last time i was here! Thank Gawd is all I can say.

In response to the poll that so many of you voted in, it is clear that you all want to see more fashion tips and current state of the unions. I'll be happy to oblige! A few of you still want to know what's going on in our lives, and those of you have an AWESOME surprise coming up! Should I tell you? Yeah...I think so.
So I've noticed that there are some fans of other PC members than me. And since this blog is kind of my "thing", I decided that each member of TPC will post a blog about their Spring Break, just to mix things up a little bit! Those will be showing up any time, as all of the members have my password. That'll be totally fun, right?

Nothing much has happened to me since I last spoke to you. Zack and I had our bitter departure from each other... although we exchanged screennames and such...I know this won't be the last of him. Sorry, still no more scoop about that. I prepare to let what happens in St. Barts to stay in St. Barts.

It's really late (or early, depending on how you look at it), so I'm only going to post a few fashion tips for now. The rest of the PC will post their own, too, if for whatever reason my style isn't...."you".
Fashion do's:
-Cute, mid-thigh length skirts. My personal fave of the moment is that navy Juicy one with the buttons down the front and the white polka dots all over it. Pair it with the navy Marc by Marc Jacobs dove shirt, and you're good to go :)
-Long, flowy dresses paired with Greek or Roman-esq sandals. I cannot stress how huge this is for summer!
-Skinny jeans are still a must-have for early Spring. Pair them with some cute ankle boots and a long sleeve shirt and you will be cute as can be.

I'll finish with the much awaited Current State of the Union. Again, thanks for being so loyal :)

IN: * OUT:
Beans and Brownies * Lizards and Fish
Melty snow * Warm sand
Late nights * Early mornings
Cool, classy girls * Aly

Whoops, was that too blunt? Hope a girl can take a hint ;)
Love always,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Calling All OCD Girls!! (And boys)

Hello everyone,
Gawd, how much do you hate that Spring break is winding down? That means no more smoothies, no more tanning, no more ocean water in the background. UGH! To distract all of you, I've come up with a list of things that you M-U-S-T must do before we get back to school!
1) Lotion. All the time. Your tans will fade if you don't keep your skin properly moisturized. Worst case, you might even start peeling! Hop to it!
2) Yes, our manis and pedis have faded since spring break has started...go get them re-colored! (Yesteday someone asked what color would be good...go with a light pink or a french, because it'll make your tan POP).
3) Deep cleansing facials are essential before we see each other again. All the sunblock has clogged your pores, no doubt, and if you aren't careful you are going to break out (can you say E-W?)
4) Go shopping. I can't tell you how disappointed I have been in the unthoughtful ensembles I have been seeing around school. You guys definitely need to step it up for the last quarter!
5) Start a project. If you're one of those messy types, clean your room and closet. If you're artsy, make a collage of spring break photos so you'll never forget how much fun you had. It will make you feel organized and ready when we finally get back to school.
6) Go to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon, pronto! Who knows what the saltwater has done to your hair? Ahb-viously it will be booked, but tell them that Massie sent you, kay?
7) Email me and tell me about all of your adventures! I cannot wait to hear what kinds of situations all of you got into!

That should give you plenty to do before school starts. But while you're still here...
Some people definitely misunderstood what I said about preppy (sometimes, in small doses) being cute. I did not mean that you should go run to Abercrombie and buy a bunch of crappy clothes there. GROSS! Not only is that store BOH-ring with a capital "B", everything is also poorly made and ugly (sorry, Kris). If you're on a budget, shop the sale racks at Neiman's...under no circumstance is it justified to walk into any store like Abercrombie!

Also on the outs:
-Those shoes that are flats, yet tennis shoes at the same time (you know the kind I'm talking about...the ones that look like the Keds that Mischa Barton is always sporting). Coach and even Tory Burch have been repeat offenders in this field. Pick tennis shoes or flats, but don't try to combine them! If I see any of you back at school wearing these, know that I am judging you! ;)
-Subdued colors. Brights are in this Spring, girls, so go all out!
-White nailpolish (though I never quite understood how that ever got "in"...). Regardless, don't do it. Period.
-Cashmere sweaters. Relax! Only for Spring and Summer! Come Fall, you can bust them all out again. I know I will.
-The typical "Myspace picture". Yeah, that's right. Those pictures that you clearly took of yourself (either by looking in the mirror or reaching way out in front of you). They're lame. If you don't have enough friends to take pictures with, we have bigger problems.

That's all for now. I'll give you an update of my trip soon-ish. Right now I'm heading out to breakfast! Then my mom and I will get a reflexology massage! What fun, what fun.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St. Barts, the Island of Love

Hey everyone,
So for starters, I'll just have you know that my bangs look awesome! I am totally loving them!
Only a few problems have come up throughout the course of this lovely vacation.
1) The issue of shopping.
2) The issue of communication. We are all on different time zones, and I can't seem to catch anyone (and how 2000 is email? SICK).
3) Okay, let's face it. Almost every vacation destination (with the exception of Italy) has food, not necessarily good, that is different to our systems. St. Barts is no different. So what is the result of this, you ask? Well, go for the American foods, of course. In other words, sugar is a temptation everywhere!
4) Lack of boys!

Being the very insightful girl that I am, I have come up with simple solutions to the above problems, as I am sure that many of you have come across the same issues. Listen closely girls, because this is advice coming straight from Massie's head:
1) Not too difficult. Us girls love shopping because we love the feeling of making progress, and improving ourselves. Go online! Shop! Neiman's, Nordstrom, eLuxury, Barney's, Anthropologie, you name it! Not only will you feel better about yourselves when you are done, but when you get home, feeling all miserable because you're freezing again, you'll be greeted by boxes upon boxes of new, ah-mazing purchases! It's a total win-win.
2) I, like many of you, I assume, cannot stand not having cellular service. So aside from this blog, which is more of a favor to you, really, I have cut myself off almost entirely from my friends. Eliminate the drama and catfights, because this is Spring BREAK! It's not like you'll never see your friends again, after all.
3) I know I've always told all of you that sugar is far from your best option in terms of snacking. And I maintain that. When you have a sweet tooth, go for some grapes, an apple, or a banana. However, as this is a vacation, even I have been snacking on a few M & M's here and there. Don't worry though, you won't be seeing the results of those on my thighs, because I'm doing yoga and tennis every day. I'll be as trim as ever when I get back!

Alright, now that that's covered, and before I answer my fourth problem, I'll get to what I'm sure you've all been wondering. First of all, what's going on with me and Dempsey, and second, why I titled this blog "The Island of Love". Read closely. Even closer.
For those of you that don't actually know me, but have found this blog one way or another, let me fill you in on a little secret...DEMPSEY IS NOT A REAL PERSON. Okay?
Also, Derrington and I called it quits a while ago. I need someone who doesn't like hanging out with a bunch of sweaty guys and balls (excuse the unfortunate pun) than me. Done.
So being single, I have ahb-viously not been totally immune to the abundance of physical male perfection around here. Being Massie Block, I really haven't even found it necessary to introduce myself to any of these hotties. One of them, we'll call him *Zack, made himself known to me, and we have since hung out a few times. I can't say for sure where this is going, ladies, but you know I'll keep you up to date.

Fashion tips seemed to be a big hit yesterday. I have a few special ones for you devoted readers, created specially for this time and day.
1) In: aviator sunglasses are b-a-c-k back! If you're still wearing those metal-rimmed sunglasses that are not aviators, they are on the outs. Dunzo. End of story.
2) Out: Flip flops! Especially the tacky Juicy ones, that everyone seems to find so...chic? No. I don't care if you're going to the beach. You always must be a 9, no matter what. Flip flops are an automatic 6 or below. Ouch.
3) In: Glaceau Vitamin water and Pellegrino water. Sugary sodas are a com-plete waste of calories. They're not even that good.
4) Light make up! I can't tell you how many girls back home (you know who you are) are overdoing their eye make up. No no no. The full eye-lined look matched with the colorful eye-shadow is more out than backwards caps and shoulder pads. Black mascara, black eyeliner on your bottom lids, foundation, and lipgloss are all you need. Period.

I'm running out of time. Have any questions or comments? Comment on the blog. Want to get to know me better? Ask me for my screenname. But please, those rando bitch fits on my blogs? Puh-lease. I am Massie Block. End of story. This is not make believe. If you don't want to read about us, leave. If you don't like each other, sort it out yourselves. Honestly, fighting on someone else's blog? Could you be any tackier?